COVID related FAQs - ITSYS answering to some of your FAQs about the coming season.

08/15/2022 18:49 - 05/30/2021 11:59

 ITSYS answering some of your FAQs about the coming season


Shell-shocked? Guess we all are at least a little bit stunned at what is going on. Lockdowns all over the planet, uncertainties for the future of the world and our industry, and everything changing around us, rapidly and radically. How this is all going to develop, no one has a clue.

However, as we are starting to get in quite a few of your enquiries, we decided to attempt answering some of your FAQs.


Is there going to be a Med Season in Italy this year?


Italy is now starting Step 2, coexistence with the virus. There is still a chance of setbacks, but if all goes as planned, by the beginning of June there will be a general reopening of activities and social life within safe limits. At the current stage, and from general consensus, it looks like it is going to be a delayed season, with a late start by end of July and possibly a later finish. If the weather is playing - like it did last year - there could still be very nice cruising opportunities in October!


When is ITSYS reopening?


We'd be ready anytime! So far, anyway, we are waiting to understand what the rules and regulations for the ports and yachting in general for the coming months are going to be. Realistically, we expect things to be kind of back to normal activity by mid to end June. As soon as we will have some clarity on the next steps, we will certainly keep you posted.


What are your main concerns for the coming charter season?


At the moment one of our main concernes is the actual travel to the destinations, with most flights grounded and even private flights so far unable to move freely. With Schengen borders possibly shut until September and the still unclear issue as to if foreign Guests will have to quarantine before and maybe after their trips. Also, we are not sure how many of the local facilities, restaurants and spas are going to find it convenient to reopen, seen the circumstances. We will find out more about that in the next couple of weeks.


How do you think the season is going to work out for Ischia and the Gulf of Naples?


All above considered, we still think a pleasant cruising season can be happening. Once the rules and restrictions are going to be set, we can make sure our clients' experience is still going to be an authentically brilliant one, appreciating probably a less crowded and even more exclusive shoreside of things, cleaner seas and less chaos, with all services and varieties of entertainment, delivered directly on board, if Guests don't wish to leave the vessel.




No Industry in the world is better prepared to dealing with “UNPREDICATBILITY’ than Yachting!


All of us - on board and ashore - are always incredibly well organized to give any difficult or last minute demand a congruous response. Totally confident we'll all be handling with ease, whatever the Med Season 2020 is going to bring. After all, we're like superheroes, WE CAN DO ANYTHING!